The brand NineStars

In 2012, the company e-France decided to create its own brand of professional equipment and material dedicated to combat sports and sports halls.

Through NineStars, e-France engages and partners with the best suppliers, in order to be able to offer a very specific high quality product offering with an unbeatable quality / price ratio, as well an irreproachable quality of service.

The brand has a wide range of professional equipment, from combat sports equipment (MMA cage, boxing ring, dojo equipment, grappling bag, punching bag, etc.), to bodybuilding equipment, Cross-Training and fitness (gym equipment, Cross-Training cage, etc.), you will find most of the products for initiation, training or competition with NineStars.

A personalization service is also in place to make your training and competition spaces unique and representative of your identity (personalization of accessories, Cross-Training cages, boxing rings, MMA cages, etc.).

Our Products

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Are you looking for equipment to equip your weight room? Boxing or MMA gym? Do you need Cross-Training or fitness equipment? Dojo equipment for martial arts lessons? Or possibly to organize a sporting event?

Used to working with professionals, clubs as well as with various administrations such as gendarmeries, the army, firefighters, town halls, hospitals, theaters … We are able to accept all your payments by administrative mandate and pro chorus .

NineStars offers you a wide range of professional sports equipment material and provides you with preferential prices by giving you the benefit of exceptional offers and discounts specially intended for resellers and professionals (EURL, SARL) whose main activity is the sale of sports equipment.

We offer retailer specific prices on most of our catalog. The amount of reductions varies according to the ranges and types of products, going up to 40% for NineStars brand products. You will be able to drop-shipping and have it delivered directly to your customer.

Whatever your structure, the DragonSports team and the e-France company will be available to advise and guide you in the choice of your products and will provide you with personalized follow-up from the request for estimate to after-sales service. .